Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Aluminum Rotary Hearth Ovens

Aluminum Rotary Hearth Ovens

Aluminum rotary hearth furnaces are designed for continuous pre-heat precision forging process. They assure temperature uniformity repeatability less than ±6°C (±10°F).  Furnaces from this type are characterized by large scale production.

  • AMS 2750D, class 2 furnaces
  • RPS953

  • One frame includes all sub systems
  • Reinforced steel outer frame
  • Base of furnace on 3 wheels for mobility and 3 adjustable jacks to stabilization in desired location • Hearth rotation by gear motor with torque limiter
  • Hooded foot pedal for rotation
  • Opening/closing of door by manual pneumatic valves
  • Conveniently located port holes for T/C placement to perform TUS covering the working volume.
  • Temperature uniformity less than ±6°C (±10°F) • Tubular type heating elements installed vertically and easily replaceable.
  • Thyristor control system for linear power control of the heating elements.
  • Digital temperature controllers with communication interface
  • Frequency inverter for speed control as per customer specifications.
  • Type "K" thermocouples.

    ALRH13/2 ALRH20/1 ALRH275/2
Hearth diameter mm 1300 2000 2750
in 51 79 108
No. of working decks   2 1 2
Exterior dimensions (Ø x H.) mm 2160x3050 3250x3150 3500x3100
in 85x120 128x124 138x122
Max. temperature 500 500 500
932 932 932
Heating power KW 75 75 100
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