Electrical service engineer

Electrical service engineer - J161

Job Description

Electrical service engineer is in charge for implementation of the design and manufacturing processes with consideration to the customer site conditions.

Job responsibilities

  • Direct contact with the client and attentiveness to his needs
  • Accompanying and instructing the client on product usage
  • Taking care of faults and/or installations at the client site. The responsibility is valid from receipt of the equipment and up to full successful commissioning.

Required skills:

Administrational skills:

  1. Reliability, integrity, interpersonal skills.
  2. Flexibility, able to manage within fixed and variable schedules
  3. Able to work independently
  4. Knowledge of ERP system
  5. Good communicational skills and authority with clients
  6. Readiness for traveling abroad for a period of time ranging from 1 -3 weeks

Technical skills:

  1. Professional approach with attention to details    
  2. Fast learner of variable products and applications
  3. Knowledge of each product component for providing the correct treatment.


Engineer, electrical technician/computer and control
License to engage electrical works (qualified electrician license)


Additional requirements:

  1. At least 3 years' experience in in the strong current field.
  2. Experience with programmable controllers
  3. Hebrew  - mother tongue level, English  - high proficiency
  4. Service orientated
  5. Team player
  6. Initiative and hard worker
  7. Presentative appearance


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