Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace

  • vacuum furnace 
  • vacuum furnace 
  • vacuum furnace 
  • vacuum furnace 
Vacuum Furnace

Electrotherm supplies vacuum furnaces for vacuum heat treatment or/and brazing. They designed for horizontal loading and include external gas quench system. Those products are offered including either carbon felt/foil insulated hot zones or metal shielded hot zones. Circular heating elements that surround the workload provide excellent temperature uniformity. All types of vacuum furnaces are well known for their accuracy, reliability, high performance for a long period of time and easy and quick maintenance.

Electrotherm vacuum furnaces are well known due to the experience gained over many decades and based on profound understanding of its customer needs.

  • ISO 9001
  • RPS-953
  • AMS-2750D

  • Temperature range 538°C-1315°C (1000°F-2400°F)
  • Temperature uniformity of ±5°C (±41°F)
  • Front door autoclave type to assures safety while maintaining positive pressure up to 2 bar (15 PSIG)
  • Molybdenum heating zone chamber or graphite insulated
  • Temperature and vacuum controls
  • Insert gas quench
  • Automatically sequenced vacuum pumping system that provides interlocked and fail/safe operation
  • Long durability
  • Easy and quick maintenance

  • Argon gas tank w/relief valve, pressure gauge, copper joint lines
  • Mobydendum work support grid
  • Mobydendum work fixture
  • Water cooling system (heat exchanger. Air-to-water)
  • Paperless recorder.
  • HMI system including AMS-2750D data acquisition and data storing on customer's server

    HL26 HL36X36 HL36X48 HL52X48
Working zone (WxDxH) mm 430x650x430 600x900x600 600x1200x600 914x1219x762
in 17x26x17 24x36x24 24x47x24 36x48x30
Max. work load kg 250 500 750 1590
lb 551 1102 1653 3500
Heating power KW 80 150 180 240
Quench blower HP 5 50 100 150
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