Conveyor Furnaces

Conveyor furnaces ELCR

  • conveyor belt furnace - ELCR 
  • conveyor belt furnace - ELCR 
  • conveyor belt furnace - ELCR 
  • conveyor belt furnace - ELCR 
  • conveyor belt furnace - ELCR 
Conveyor furnaces ELCR

Electrotherm supplies continuous conveyor mesh belt furnaces and ovens for heat treatment processes. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and temperature ranges and intended for intensive use. All units of this series are famous for their accuracy, reliability, high performance for a long period of time and easy and quick maintenance.
The Conveyor furnaces and ovens offer temperature control accuracy along with quality insulation which provides maximum performance and efficiency of the production process.

  • ISO 9001
  • AMS-2750D

  • Reinforced steel outer frame
  • Multi zone heating
  • Mesh belt with side links made of AISI 304 including gear motor
  • Horyzontal screw type electric heating elements in protective tubes
  • The thermal insulation includes: light weight ceramic bricks and ceramic fiber
  • Insulated front opening door
  • Atmosphere circulation system
  • Control system
  • Digital temperature controllers with communication interface  
  • "R" or "S" thermocouples.
  • Thyristor control system for linear power control of the heating elements
  • Temperature uniformity less than ±10°C (±°F)
  • Long durability
  • Easy and quick maintenance

  • Air cooling arrangement
  • Integration to automation with manipulator
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishment system installed and wired in the control cabinet
  • Paperless recorder
  • HMI system including AMS-2750E data acquisition and data storing on customer's server
  • Electrical trolley for loading/unloading
  • Loading/unloading stations

Effective zone mm        
Exterior furnace  mm        
Volume L        
Max. temperature        
Heating power KW        
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