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Curing Ovens

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  • Curing oven 
  • Curing oven 
  • Curing oven 
Curing Ovens

Electrotherm curing ovens are designed for Out-Of-Autoclaves processes of composite material parts with different dimensions, shapes and weight, including de-bulk, post-cure processes and more.


Aerospace standards

CE compliance

  • Modular uniquely designed SCADA and control system – "CUREIT"
  • Efficient, tailor designed air circulation system
  • Robust structure of the ovens designed for long-lasting operation
  • Heating and cooling systems that provide energy efficiency and product control
  • Custom-made door construction design
  • Controlled vacuum system - allows working with vacuum bags

  • Vast experience with leading manufacturers of composite products
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Modular product control system includes all advanced composite features.
  • Safety and environment friendly based on international standards.
  • Customization – tailor made ovens.
  • Full equipment testing prior to shipment.


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    "CUREIT" is a software for managing the curing process in Out-Of-Autoclaves ovens.
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