Hardening Process Solution

Hardening process system

Hardening process system

Electrotherm supplies hardening process turnkey solution for metals. The equipment, comprised from a furnace, water and oil quench tanks and a downloading system to each tank. 
The parts are placed in a basket. They are loaded and unloaded by a rollers system installed inside and outside the furnace. In front of the door, an equipped set of rails enable the movement of the basket with the tanks. The system is semi-automatic and by an appropriate command of the operator, the downloading system provides quick lowering and immersion of the load in the basket to the required tank liquid. The process is fully automatic and is accomplished by selection from the HMI.

  • The working temperature of the furnace is 800°C÷1000°C.
  • Temperature uniformity ±10°C or better
  • Control system including touchscreen HMI + computer system
  • Water and oil tanks cooling system
  • Nitrogen gas system for fire extinguishment in the oil tank
  • Steam extraction system
  • The system complies with AMS-2750E furnace class 4 standard (or as per customer request)

  • AMS 2750E


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