Retort Furnaces

Retort furnace ELRT

Retort furnace ELRT

Electrotherm supplies protective atmosphere retort type furnaces for heat treatment processes. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and temperature ranges and intended for intensive use. All units of this series are famous for their accuracy, reliability, high performance for a long period of time and easy and quick maintenance.
The Retort Furnaces offer temperature control accuracy along with quality insulation which provides maximum performance and efficiency of the production process.

  • ISO 9001
  • AMS-2750E

  • Reinforced steel outer frame
  • Multi zone heating
  • Spiral heating elements installed in ceramic plates on the walls, floor and door
  • The thermal insulation includes: mineral wool boards, ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber modules, special high temperature bricks and ceramic castings.
  • Insulated front opening door
  • Protective atmosphere retort.
  • Vacuum formed boards with heating elements.
  • Atmosphere circulation system • Independent gas system.
  • Vacuum system • Digital temperature controllers with communication interface
  • "R" or "S" thermocouples.
  • Thyristor control system for linear power control of the heating elements
  • Temperature uniformity less than ±10°C (±50°F)
  • Long durability
  • Easy and quick maintenance

Effective work zone mm        
Exterior dimensions (Ø x H.) mm        
Volume L        
Max. temp.         
Heating power KW        
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